The Goldberg Brand

Goldberg, the leading regional mainstream brand of the people of the Southwest, has engaged its target audience through music since 2013.

It has consistently used the platform to get closer to its target market. Having owned the Fuji music space through Fuji T’o Bam for more than five years, it decided to extend its tentacles to Juju music, through the Ariya Repete platform.

It is a deliberate strategy to establish a strong affinity between the excellent beer and the people of the Southwest region.

The brief was to use PR to take ownership of the traditional music and culture space in the Southwest

We engaged the stakeholders by giving intellectual perspective to Fuji and Juju music across the Southwest and beyond

We organised a Round-table where the evolution of Yoruba music was discussed.

It was headlined by Professor Tunde Babawale, Director/Chief Executive of the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC).

The Oni of Ife-Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi – Ojaja II was the Royal Father of the Day.

In attendance were Fuji and Juju icons, Presidents of Fuji Music Association of Nigeria, Association of Juju Musicians of Nigeria, the media and other enthusiasts

  • The discourse generated massive conversation in the region. The brand took ownership of that space and became a leader in that market segment
  • There was validation from the relevant quarters
  • It helped strengthen the platform and further tighten the hold of Yoruba music for the Goldberg brand

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