Positive Story Of Beer (PSOB) for Nigerian Breweries Plc

TThis initiative has become a reference point in engaging stakeholders to challenge and turn into positives the myth and negative perception about beer.

Agency was tasked to develop a compelling and explorable PR strategy to help tell the positive story of beer and deconstruct the myth about product, whilst expanding the connecting points to the target audience

Agency created a more positive, accurate and contemporary perception about beer. We mobilized all partners (internal & external public) to help spread the PSOB using various components.

Beer Academy: An immersion session was put together to educate stakeholders on the beer brewing process – from grain to glass – to form better and deeper understanding of media content developers.

All the stakeholders from the immersion session were each awarded a certificate and inducted into an Alumni forum that remains active long after the campaign.

We created and organised the first ever beer symposium in Nigeria.

Over 1,000 guests drawn from all works of life were invited. Conference headlined by international speakers, Professors and former state Governors.

At the end of the project, Agency achieved a substantial media buy-in as well as enthusiasm towards the PSOB initiative.

The campaign received validation from the Nollywood community and the critical segment of the public – the media and other advocates.

The alumni members took ownership of the project as they reported the stories from their various perspectives and were willing to defend their certificates

Through this initiative and using the project as a case study, Heineken Nigeria was rated second best behind a group of six other countries that presented a joint entry.