Amstel Malta

Agency was asked to come up with an effective and sustainable damage control mechanism in ensuring that the pending crisis relating to Amstel Malta was effectively contained

Code named Project Sugarless, it came in the wake of a malicious video about a substance found in a can of Amstel Malta, shot by some unidentified people
The video, which went viral within a short period of time, had instantly created doubt about the quality of the product among consumers

To mitigate the adverse effect of the orchestrated campaign, Agency came up with series of activities to question the malicious video while validating Amstel Malta’s premium quality.

To ensure the crisis was effectively contained, we constituted damage control group of 75 Journalists made up of traditional and digital media platform owners produced and disseminated videos questioning the credibility of the viral video
…engaged Campaign Drivers and Issue Advocates who told the right story using their various platforms to reach a high number of followers organised a press briefing to give an official statement in collaboration with a regulatory body (SON)
Commissioned issue creation stories coverage and controlled reporting of the story using NB’s official statement and some credible comments in select terrestrial and online TV platforms
Boosted various social media platforms to tell the story of Amstel Malta and making it trend for a period of time

Agency developed content and amateur videos to dispel the rumuor, the videos were shared by more 90 bloggers, 10 influencers and some communication drivers.

Online blogs/websites deployed
Video Views
Reactions (Shares, Likes and Comments) on Social Media
WhatsApp Groups
Video Reach