KloverHarris Leverages IT to strengthen its Best-in-Class solutions for Clients’ Satisfaction, Optimum Productivity …with Professionalism and Quality

KloverHarris Limited, an indigenous human capital consultancy company specialised in Learning and Development, Human Resource Outsourcing, Business Consulting, and Information Technology, is poised in ensuring clients’ satisfaction, and optimal productivity with its top-notch solutions that position it as the go-to company for businesses in the country and globally with a touch of professionalism and quality standards.

The company which has carved a niche for itself measures the existing delivery processes of its clients and sees how they align with their strategic goals and objectives in line with global best practices, with cutting-edge methodologies for growth processes.

Ms. Bukola Ariyibi, Managing Partner of the company, who spoke passionately about its track records and operations in three vital aspects of its business solutions spanning Accounting and Tax Advisory, Learning and Development as well as Recruitment services in an interview published in BusinessDay, on Tuesday, 8 November 2022, stated that with a diverse client base across all sectors of the economy, KloverHarris delivers with its unique approach to attain maximum gains for clients based on their distinctiveness.

In accounting and tax advisory services, Bukola said the company has observed how tax compliance has become a major challenge for many businesses as they see taxation as a minefield, consequently creating difficulties with their remittances and obligations to the appropriate government agencies.

She said “We at KloverHarris are turning this burden around for our clients with the use of modern technology, into a strategic enabler for their businesses. Our tax and advisory experts work with our clients to remit their taxes as and when due and view taxation as a strategic opportunity to provide measurable insights.”

Speaking on learning and development, she said the company’s learning and development solutions are designed to transform businesses to achieve their strategic objectives. On this vital aspect of their solution, the KloverHarris boss stated, “We are conversant with how Artificial Intelligence is being optimised in imparting knowledge. As a business, we have identified this trend and positioned ourselves to meet the demands of our clients as they relate to e-learning.”

In recruitment service, she said the uniqueness of the company is the ability to spot the talent of the best fit. She said “We can always tell the difference between a curriculum vitae (CV) and an interviewee. It is like night and day. Beyond CVs, we help our clients spot candidates who are equipped with the knowledge to accelerate their businesses. We also believe that our talents of best fit should thrive in their career paths and it is a win-win situation.”

Addressing some of the challenges in the recruitment service, Bukola pointed out Nigeria’s poor educational sector as one of the challenges in the recruitment service, as most Nigerian graduates are not employable. Another challenge she noted in recruitment service is the brain drain where very brilliant professionals in various fields of endeavour travel out of the country for greener pastures, thereby leaving the nation with a deficiency in skilled personnel, a situation that has affected recruitment adversely.

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