Mr. Abdulazeez Ajala, Director, Compliance and Regulation, Halal Certification Authority, Nigeria, has affirmed that all products of Rite Foods Limited are healthy, acceptable and pure for consumption by consumers globally.

Mr. Ajala made this known during the presentation of Halal certificate to Rite Foods Limited at the company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos.

According to Ajala, “Having done all research, we have found that all Rite Foods products are acceptable, healthy, pure, edible to be taken by consumers anywhere in the world, having met all food safety requirements in accordance with the Halal regulations,” Mr. Azeez stated.

The Halal certificate is a document that guarantees that products and services aimed at about 1.8 billion consumers globally meet all necessary safety requirements and therefore, are suitable for consumption. The certification is a process that ensures the features and quality of the products by allowing the use of the Halal mark.

Also speaking during the presentation ceremony, Dr. Ajani Abidemi, Secretary-General, Halal Certification Authority, Nigeria said that when it comes to halal certification, what comes to mind is quality, and Rite Foods products has passed all quality test in accordance with Halal regulations. This is backed by all required evidence used by the authorization body during the certification process.

“In the area of wholesomeness and purity, Rite Foods products stand out in quality which expands its penetration globally, thereby making it fit for consumption by consumers not just within the shores of Nigeria but globally,” Dr. Abidemi said.

Going forward, all products of Rite Foods Limited will carry the Halal mark, assuring consumers globally that the products served are hygienic, healthy and follows halal procedures.

This certification has placed a seal of quality on Nigeria’s favourite carbonated soft drink, Bigi drinks, Bigi premium water, Fearless Energy Drink, Rite and Bigi sausages as they all comply with Halal requirements.

With the Halal certification, Rite Foods Limited has demonstrated its commitment to providing consumers with high-quality products across the globe. The company’s production process follows World-Class Standards and guards against any form of contamination, thereby placing food safety above financial concerns; this includes going beyond Nigerian statutory food laws, to ensure it attains the highest international product quality standards.



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