German Deputy Consul General Commends Rite Foods and Others for Environmental Preservation Efforts

The Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos, Mr. Alexander Ernst, has eulogized the efforts of Rite Foods Limited in environmental preservation, especially in the beaches where polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and other plastics are cleared for a healthy environment and recycling purposes.

Ernst also lauds the company’s support for initiatives that promote youth empowerment as well as employment opportunities through the partnership with Popbeachclub, an organization involved in the removal of social plastics from Lagos beaches and the training of youths in various areas of specialization for self-empowerment and job creation.

The Deputy Consul General was present at the launch of Popbeachclub’s social enterprise, “Riteonthebeach” at Ilashe Community, supported by Rite Foods, on Sunday, August 1, where 30 local youths were trained in different skills for better living, with an expanded scope of preventing plastics from finding their way into the ocean for safe marine activities and aquatic lives.

These wastes are later recycled for other useful purposes, with the proceeds used in providing scholarships to students in the community, with a similar project at Tarkwa Bay.

Also, in collaboration with Popbeachclub is the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, which identifies communities where youths can be trained to make a meaningful impact in their environment.

At the Ilashe beach event, Ernst pointed out that plastic waste is a global problem that needs to be well tackled and appreciates what Rite Foods is doing in that direction, likewise its assistance on the “Rite on the Beach” program which will create lots of impact on Ilashe and Takwa Bay communities.

According to him, the scheme will give the youths the opportunity to strive for a better life and to earn a living.
He added that the transformation undergone by Rite Foods within the last few years show that it is possible to build a world-class company and facility of the same standard in Nigeria. “I congratulate them for their effort,” the Deputy Consul General stated.

The Deputy Director, Head of Migrant Resource Centre, Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Mrs. Mienye Badejo, posits that Rite Foods is doing the right thing in its collaboration with organizations in creditable projects in improving healthiness through green technology, by cleaning the environment and creating employment.

Mrs. Badejo stated that the initiative is needed to curb the growing migration due to lack of jobs, by introducing employment schemes that are viable if well harnessed and imbibe the consciousness that the planet should be preserved.

“We are very excited to know that this is going on and we are optimistic that it will be a launchpad for people to buy in,” she stated.

The Managing Director of Rite Foods Limited, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, affirmed that the company is deeply committed to adding value to lives hence its partnership with Popbeachcub on its activities.

He stated that Rite Foods will continue to safeguard the environment to make it habitable, especially in our communities and public spaces.

According to him, the recyclable waste can be turned into other useful products and helps create more jobs and also keep the environment clean.

The world-class company in the food and beverage sector of the Nigerian economy has quality brands such as the widely preferred Bigi soft drinks, Fearless Energy Drinks, and today’s market-leading brand of Rite Sausages.

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